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Cafe Kavita in Cow Corner; Conversation with Janak Poudyal, Jeevan Karki and Rupesh Shrestha

Janak Poudyal, Jotare Dhaiba (Jeevan Karki) and Rupesh Shrestha are poets that need no introduction in Nepal. I, Somesh Verma, have had the luxury of working with them. Needless to say, they are among my favorite colleagues apart from being favorite poets. They, along with another fine poet Kamal Kumar,

Pabitra Raut, Journalist, Lawyer and Nepal’s First Female Cricket scorer

Pabitra Raut wears many hats. A lawyer by academics, Pabitra was a journalist for Radio and also Newspaper. She learnt #cricket scoring because she wanted to learn cricket terms better than others. Also trained as a cricket umpire. And she says, cricket is family… No wonder her family members turn

Damakant Jayshi, Former Journalist, Nepal

Damakant Jayshi is a famous name in Nepal’s English language Journalism. More famously known as DK – even before Dinesh Karthik burst into International Cricket – among friends and colleagues, Damakant had made waves in Nepal’s journalism. Known for his straight shooting conversation and meticulous working, almost round the clock,