Rubina Chhetry: Captain, Nepal Cricket Team

Rubina Chhetry is an icon for many sportspersons in Nepal. And her story is nothing but inspirational. From being raised by a single mother to being denied passport to travel with Nepal national team, she’s seen it all. And she’s also seen herself becoming the first ever Nepali cricketer to register a hat-trick in an […]

Navin Khatiwada; Former Journalist (Sports)

Navin Khatiwada has many faces, one of which is that of a sports journalist. Though he’s worked for other beats, Navin remains quintessential sports journalist, as he says he enjoyed it more than any other field of work. He has worked extensively in Radio, TV, Print and Online news. I may have started liking him […]

Sushil Chaugai, Cricketer – Nepal

To those who watched Nepali Cricket in 80s and early 90s, Sushil Chaugai was an allrounder who batted with gumption and bowled with guile. His biggest weapon being swing in conditions that may not favor seam bowling. Yet, Chaugai is better known for his fiery temper with the cricketers whom he managed, especially for Kalaiya […]

Yub Raj Sedhai, Physician

Yub Raj might have taken up cricket full time – at least given it go with full throttle – had he not had Nepal’s illustrious cricketers of that generation as his friends. They made sure his cricketing ambition remained limited to academic interest and school squad. But that could not diminish the interest his uncle […]

Sanjeev Pokharel; Blogger

Sanjeev Pokharel is Anthropologist by academics. But he doesn’t want to wear it on his sleeves too seriously. He says, ‘In our chats, we don’t have to bring in our field of discipline all the time. Carrying a bit of ‘Common Sense’ in talks is enough.” Needless to say, he is one of the most […]

Sanjam Regmi; Cricketer, Nepal

Sanjam Regmi is perhaps the most talkative Nepali Cricketer. He has opinions and he doesn’t hesitate to share it with anyone. He always used to ask me, in my cricket reporting days, “Did you read this book?” and would throw names of 3-4 titles. I would not say no, even if I had not read […]