Cafe Kavita in Cow Corner; Conversation with Janak Poudyal, Jeevan Karki and Rupesh Shrestha

Janak Poudyal, Jotare Dhaiba (Jeevan Karki) and Rupesh Shrestha are poets that need no introduction in Nepal. I, Somesh Verma, have had the luxury of working with them. Needless to say, they are among my favorite colleagues apart from being favorite poets.

They, along with another fine poet Kamal Kumar, created a forum called Cafe Kavita, bringing Nepali poets to Cafe Culture of Kathmandu. Though dormant now, Cafe Kavita was a rage in its heydays. Another common thing with these poets is, they worked for Kantipur Television together, bringing energy to the team. These men are diverse in their writings and do not hesitate to pull each others’ legs and share a laugh.

In this episode of #CowCorner, they present their take on poetry, how they write what they write and the process of creating.

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