Navin Khatiwada; Former Journalist (Sports)

Navin Khatiwada has many faces, one of which is that of a sports journalist. Though he’s worked for other beats, Navin remains quintessential sports journalist, as he says he enjoyed it more than any other field of work. He has worked extensively in Radio, TV, Print and Online news. I may have started liking him because we had similar tastes. He enjoyed watching the same players that I did, supported the same teams I did across sports. Also he loves his whiskey – perhaps even more than I did!

It might have started as a liking for a person with similar tastes, but over the years I have grown to admire him, for what he is – a cricket enthusiast, lover of all sports, poetry aficionado and a poet with a rebel mind. In this chat, he talks about his fondness of cricket, how he started liking things that he did and also explains why he wrote a thesis on Langston Hughes’ 11-line poem ‘Harlem’ and what it meant for him.

For the uninitiated, here’s the poem:

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up

like a raisin in the sun?

Or fester like a sore—

And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat?

Or crust and sugar over—

like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags

like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

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