Rubina Chhetry: Captain, Nepal Cricket Team

Rubina Chhetry is an icon for many sportspersons in Nepal. And her story is nothing but inspirational. From being raised by a single mother to being denied passport to travel with Nepal national team, she’s seen it all. And she’s also seen herself becoming the first ever Nepali cricketer to register a hat-trick in an ICC event, when she singlehandedly defeated Singapore women’s team when they required two runs to win and had five wickets in hand. Currently she’s captain of Nepali team.

She’s also a rebel, having left the cushion of a comfortable job with all strong Armed Police Force team, taking up cricketing activities in her province and making sure her team wins the nationals against the same team she once was a part of. She loves not walking the beaten path. Here, she talks about her journey from backwaters of Nepali cricket to the national team leadership.

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