Sanjam Regmi; Cricketer, Nepal

Sanjam Regmi is perhaps the most talkative Nepali Cricketer. He has opinions and he doesn’t hesitate to share it with anyone. He always used to ask me, in my cricket reporting days, “Did you read this book?” and would throw names of 3-4 titles. I would not say no, even if I had not read the book. Perhaps I feared being taken as a lesser reporter than I wanted to be seen as.

Sanjam played for the national side way back in 2001, when Nepal team traveled to Canada for ICC Trophy. The following year, he played for the U-19 team in the U-19 World Cup, when Nepal played the Plate Final. That’s when Nepal was noticed in international cricket for the first time.

Sanjam may not be the force he once was, with his bowling. But that doesn’t stop him from dishing out verbal punches. Listen to what he has to say, in this episode of #CowCorner

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